WOW! This blogging once a day thing has GOT to stop. Paul throws my whole day off when he is home. We never made it to Storybook Land. Olivia was up all last night and morning. She has been blotchy, had a few hives and was pretty itchy. I think she was reacting to cantelope and honeydew melons ::sigh:: poor damn kid. So, we went to Target and got Moira some sneakers. Paul and I picked up a really pretty picture for our bedroom.
Bouquet on Blue
It matches the walls nicely as there is a faint hint of lavender within the flowers. There was also great sale on notebooks. .15 each! Woohoo! Stocked up baby! After that, we stopped at Payless. Paul and Olivia stayed in the car while Moira and I ran inside to get some shoes. I got Moira these adorable Hello Kitty pink suede boots
Hello Kitty Boots
Aren't they adorable? We made it back home around 4pm. I cooked dinner (sausage and pasta) and we goofed around with the kidlets in the backyard for a while. I gave them a bath while Paul hung up my Bessie Pease Gutmann plates. She was a great illustrator of children's books and also has many pieces of art, figurines, plates, etc. Ebay is loaded with them! I can't believe that the bedroom project is almost complete! YAY! Off to do some reading!