Bloggin' from Mom's place... I found my phone. I had packed it in the diaper bag (Duh) and it shut off, due to low battery. I am SO happy I found it. I just bought the damn thing a month ago! LOL! Well - we are all heading out in a little while.. will update later! Bye!
Hrm - I lost my cell phone. I tried calling myself but only get my voice mail. Crap.
Good morning! Olivia is practicing the potty. We do this by stripping her down and putting the potty chair in front of the TV. It's like a recliner! ::smile:: While this was going on, I was able to make plans with my stepsister to get together in the next couple weeks. It should be fun! I have a bunch of things to do today. Paul and I decided to stop at Target first before heading up to Ikea. I am going to pack dinner in the car. I told the kids we will be having a "Car Picnic" tonight. They are thrilled! LOL! I figure we will meet at my Mom's place. Paul can leave his car there and then we will drive to Target. After Target, we will drive up to Ikea and have our "picnic" on the way. Gosh - I am soclever!
Lordy - I think I am all caught up on my reads! I'm heading to bed.