Does anyone watch Monk? God - it is so funny! I have seen 2 of the new episodes and I think Tony Shalhoub is hysterical.
I am *so* mad I missed the 2nd Trading Spaces show this weekend. I really wanted to see what Vern did to create the new bedroom for that little boy!
A great day today! After I got Moira to school (we overslept), I had to drive to my inlaws place to pick up my cell phone. I had left it up in Hoboken Saturday night. Oops. When we got back home, I ran some more laundry, baked some bread and just relaxed. I finally finished "The Two Mrs Grenvilles" by Dominick Dunn. Not bad - it was entertaining. Dinner tonight was chicken breasts, rice and corn. I brought Moira to soccer. Her team lost. Again. But - they have a great time so who the hell cares? When we got home, around 715pm, Paul and Olivia were walking back up the street. They had stopped to chat with a neighbor and Paul ended up helping him fix some things with their computer. Olivia was thrilled - she got to play with their boys, ages 5 and 9. We had the usual nighttime routine, baths, meds, books, BEDS! Watched President Bush tonight. Man - I hate the thought of war. BUT - there is a HUGE threat with chemical warfare and nuclear weapons. We have got to do something or there might not be a USA in the future. Hell - did anyone ever think that anyone would have the balls to fly planes into buildings? What would stop a terrorist from leaving a briefcase on the subway?
I have been making bread for the past 6 days. Ya know, sandwiches taste much better on homemade bread Yummy!
Warning - Sopranos discussion ahead! I wanted to talk about last night's show in a little more detail. Is anyone one else thinking that Furio is adorable? When Carmela visited him while he was working in the yard.. oh MAN! Hubba hubba! And - what the hell is going on with Elliot? Why is he suddenly "bumping" into Tony? What was the deal with driving his BMW practically on Tony's heels? Really weird! I also have to comment on Ralph - I was so grossed out watching him lounge out at the pool.. ew. He's such a freakin' weasel! DeMaggio up in Rhode Island.. oh my GAWD! I damn near died laughing watching Christopher's and Silvio's reaction to the family. The woman that opened the door totally freaked me out! And when she walked up behind them and asked, "Do you want some cake?", Christopher damn near jumped out of his skin. LOLOL! WIll Tony call off the hit? Hmmm...
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