Health and the Holidays

Well, what happened to my week? Poof!
I've been so insanely busy and have somehow managed to catch a cold. Ugh. It could be worse. I do remember having pneumonia before & during Christmas about three years ago - what a disaster. My Mom had called me, not feeling well at all. With her cancer and all her other health issues in mind, I rushed her to the ER where she spent an long time before finally being diagnosed with pneumonia & was admitted for several days. Of course, I stayed with her and, once she was placed in a room, I went back down to the ER for myself and ended up being diagnosed with the same thing!!! Lasted about ten days and it was horrible. I think Christmas dinner was leftovers - my poor family!!

Lately, I've been dealing with my (not) stepdad's health issues. [sidenote - he was my mother's significant other for twenty + years. He could be my stepdad if they had ever married.] His own children do not live close but they do check on him. I live ten minutes from him and I go over to clean occasionally. He's definitely reverted back to batchelor style living. My mother would be horrified at the amount of stuff and papers all over the place. He had a tendency towards hoarding so I try to ditch the junk as much as I can. He's a good guy, was always good to Mom but he's starting to really age and it makes me sad.

:::wiping eyes:::

Ok - enough heavy stuff for now... Time to walk away from the blog...