I just caught the Amy Wynn and Ty make-over story. Wow - they both looked fabulous.
We had a GREAT day with the kidlets today. Let me say that the weather was GORGEOUS.. I couldn't have picked a nicer day to go out with the kids. We did go to the zoo and I thought Olivia was going to pop! She spent most of the afternoon chasing after Moira, shouting "Wait for me!". It was super cute. I didn't bring my digital camera. It was all filled up and I was too lazy to empty it this morning. In fact, I was too busy because I was making lunch to bring to the zoo. We actually left for the zoo later than I wanted. One of Paul's co-workers also has a landscaping business and he was down here early this morning to core and slit seed our lawn. It's pretty crappy looking now so by spring we will have a mega lawn. Anyway - we got down to the zoo around 1130 and the girls walked and walked until 130. By then, they were STARVING. So, back to the car to get the food. After lunch, we brought them over to the playground so they could run around for a while. Olivia zonked out on the ride home. I just LOVE watching her eyes roll around right before she falls asleep. It's just so funny. ::grin:: I am off to read a few blogs and watch Trading Spaces (OF COURSE!). I just watched the first one of the new season and Doug looked so adorable! I loved that T-shirt he was wearing! ::sigh:: How handsome! And the kitchen he did was great!
Happy Birthday to Mary - today she is 33 years young! :::smoooch:: You rock!