Ok - I fixed the images from earlier today - they were HUGE!
Pictures from Mary's Visit The Duck
The Owl
The Deadman. Moira smooshed him
The Spider and his Dinner
The Crocodile
De Bear
Mary just left about 10 minutes ago - she is certainly very very cool! She got down here around 1-ish. Paul and Moira got back home shortly after Mary arrived. We had a very nice lunch, chatting about all kinds of things. After lunch, Mary, Olivia and I ended up playing Play-Doh for almost 3 hours! We were just sitting at the table.. yakking and having a great time. Mary is extremely creative and came up with some great looking animals upon Olivia's requests. I have pictures of her creations that I will post up later. The girls were all over poor Mary, who was super nice to the girls. They can't wait for her to come down again! I will post pictures later, after the monsters are in bed and I catch "The Sopranos"!
Ok - Mary should be on her way now!
I am wondering where the heck Scott and Shelley are tonight!
Well - Mary never made it down today due to weather conditions. But, that's ok.. we've rescheduled for tomorrow. It did rain all day so the kids were trapped inside. Paul and I needed to review our mortgage paperwork so I put on a movie for them and they kept reasonably still for a little while. I was SO spoiled tonight! Doug was on both Trading Spaces episodes tonight. AND - looking mighty bootylicious too! I loved the white room. I would LOVE to have an all white room.. if I didn't have kids, a black cat or the fantastic ability to spill things all over my house. BUT - what in the wide wide world of sports was Kia thinking???? ASTROTURF?? For a BED?? It looked like a cross between "Night of the Living Dead" and "BeetleJuice"!! Is she on crack?? Holy Moses. And when the hell did the Dexy's Midnight Runners look come back into style? Oy - I was freaking out, watching her destroy the room. I did laugh really loud when Paige was nibbling at the brownies that Doug had rubbed, with his FEET! The look on her face - muwhahahahaha! I just love "The Doug" ::sigh:: he's just so damn sexy!