I have to get up early tomorrow morning. After the 830am service (!!!!!), there will be a coffee hour where people can meet the Sunday School teachers. I suppose I should go or I will be known as the teacher who doesn't actually attend church. G'night all!
Susan's finally posted some pictures of her new place. WOW - I love the office color. WAY cool! By the way - she's also gorgeous!
Trading Spaces + Doug + Leather Pants = Kate very happy. hehehe
AND - A Happy Belated Birthday to Susan! ::smooches:: You are awesome!
Nice and cool today. Cloudy but very cool. Actually, there's been a pretty strong wind all day. It's about 67 degrees right now. Paul worked on the front door and I got the usual house stuff done...Moira spent the day at a friend's house and Olivia kinda played all around.. I have to give the kids a bath and then it's TRADING SPACES night! Catch ya'll later!
I was up wayyyyy too late last night chatting with Joie, Rich and Da Goddess. :::yawn::: But, it was a lot of fun!