More painting being done here. The bedroom walls have been completed. Now, we are doing the sills and door. I ordered these clear glass pulls (30 of them) for our newly painted dressers. 1 was a brownish-orange wood color and the other 2 were a beige color with flowers stenciled on them (ick). Hey - I can't complain about the furniture.. they are all good pieces.. just ugly. Now, they are painted a lovely clean white!
Susan, I hope things are ok in your neck of the woods. I have been reading about all the flooding in San Antonio. Oy!
I am such a geek - I am a State Quarter junkie. If anyone would like to save me some state quarters, I would buy them from you.
Beautiful day! Wooooooooooo!
Oh.. one more thing! Good thoughts and wishes to Zannie.. she will be having her baby VERY soon!
:::Yawn::: Going to bed.. Mom is coming over in the morning (wait, it's ALREADY morning! LOL!) around 10-ish to swim. Paul had to fix a couple parts on the pump today. He is SO handy! My Dad and Step-Mom were down today. My SM went swimming with the girls. They were in heaven! It was really cute. They finally got out and we had a nice lunch. They left around 2-ish. Then, Paul and I took the girls back into the pool for about another hour. We ended up grilling some chicken for dinner. The girls had a great time, playing in the sandbox, on the swings, chasing fireflies... it was a lot of fun! They stayed outside a little too late and by the time they got cleaned up and ready for bed, it was 930pm. Hey - it's summer. They did crash big time though! No noise from either one of them. Well - I will chat more on the morrow! Ciao!
I want blogrolling but they aren't accepting any new accounts as of yet.::whining:: But I waaaaaaaaaant it. Heee!