Here, if anyone wants to read about it, here's the link for the news story about power outage.
YAY! I got my ABC order. Most of the girls' Christmas items were in it. I don't have to shop for too much more. I also got gifts for my 2 nieces. I can't believe I started (and almost finished!) my shopping.
About the power outages, we don't normally have problems like this. I have no idea what happened at the power company the other day. Fron what I heard, there was a small problem which immediately spiraled into a rather LARGE problem. Lucky freakin' me!
My sis in law was brought to the ER last night with a fever. Not good, especially if you just had a baby and have low blood pressure problems. My father in law called last night to let us know and to check on us about the power situation. The girls and I will be visiting my friend who had a baby a month ago. Her name is Haley. Can't wait to meet her!