Didja ever just forget to do something? I mean - like - completely left your mind..never to come back again? I did.. and so far it has cost me $600 and $60 worth of bank fees. I totally forgot to deposit a check. A rather large check. A check against which I had written out several other checks. God - I am a freakin' idiot. ::sigh::
Mom had her treatment today! She is pooped but feeling ok.
Oh man - Olivia's cough is getting worse and I am not feeling too well myself. I just feel exhausted and I can't get warm. No outing to the mall today. It looks like today will be TV day for the kids.. I hate doing that but I am just so beat..
Moira has a half day today, tomorrow and Thursday. I need to buy her more pants. She only has 4 pairs jeans that fit her! I had purchased a couple pairs for her but they are still a little too big. Even with a belt. We are heading to the Mall right after school. I also need to exchange a dress from the Disney store. I hope they still have it available. Olivia is all boogery right now. Plus, she has that barking cough which sounds like I have a seal hanging out in my living room. Guess who else now has a stuffy/runny nose? Mom is doing ok - she is going to the doctor's today (she goes everyday) and she might have her treatment today. Hopefully, her white blood cells are high enough so she can get her treatment. I am gonna veg out in front of the tv - the timer on the bread machine will wake me up ::grin:: I'll be getting Moira in 3.5 hours. I need all the rest I can get!
Sweet Jesus... another shooting in Montgomery County, Maryland. People.. please be careful. David, Rachel - is this anywhere near you?