I cancelled tomorrow's BBQ which was rescheduled from LAST week. So - I have no plans this weekend. YAY! I hope all of you guys have a great (and safe) labor day!
We're back. The visit went smoothly. The allergist LOVES my girls. He actually said that I should look into TV or the movies. He cannot believe how well behaved and calm they are in the office. :::proud mommy::: I guess he sees some horrible kids. Plus, some of the tests are pretty vile to administer to little kids. The scratch tests really sucks. Well - I have to run. I have 3 Brownie scouts and their moms coming over to fill out paperwork. Moira is thrilled to have 3 of her friends over today! Hopefully, they won't be here too! ::grin::
The girls have an appointment with the allergist at noon. By 3pm, I will have 2 of Moira's buddies here. I will have to keep Olivia distracted. She loves when the big girls are here. Moira, of course, acts like a total creep to her little sister when her friends are here. ::sigh:: Perhaps it would be a good time for the infamous PlayDoh to be reintroduced to Olivia. Hopefully, she won't eat it today.