Mom came down for lunch today. We never made it in the pool... too damn chilly and rainy. Ick. But, we need the rain. I will be getting ready for my trip to Ikea - can you tell I really love Ikea?? LOL! I have to jump in the shower and get ready. Plus, I have to get dinner all set for Paul and the kidlets. They are having fun right now. Unfortunately, there is Play-Doh all over my floor. Ack!
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I am linus
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz
Oh my gosh! Totally forgot to mention this - :::Drumroll please::: Olivia used the potty last night! YAY!
It's pretty sad that the best time for me to color my hair (L'oreal Excellence Creme 6RB for my curious bloggerees) is 1245am. So, you may ask, why are you doing your hair *now? Well, I am WAY overdue. I have gray hairs at my temples ::sob:: Very noticable gray hair. ::sniffle:: Besides, I don't want to scare Dara into thinking she's meeting an old lady LOL! It should be fun - we will be meeting up tomorrow night at Ikea (LOVE that place!) around 615pm. We will do dinner and shopping! Wheeee! Girls night out!