On the Long Island: Steuben Boulevard episode: The new designer, Edward, did a GREAT job in his room. WOW! Very hotel-ish but I really really liked it. Frank's room was .. well.. typical Frank! ::grin:: On the Long Island: Split Rock Road episode: I just LOVED the kitchen that Genevive designed tonight. The copper hood over the stove was gorgeous. I couldn't believe how much brighter the room looked when they were finished! Vern's kitchen - not so good. Very un-Vern.
8PM baby.. It's Trading Spaces time!
AND - A big 30th birthday shout out to Scott! Go on over and whisper sweet nothings in his comments!
Good morn...er... afternoon! Paul and I stayed up too late last night watching the "Soap" marathon that was airing on TV Land last night. We were just cracking up. God - what a funny show. Olivia woke me up at 545am ::groan:: so I just stuck her on my side of the bed and let her go back to sleep with Paul. I came out in the living room and promptly passed out in the recliner! When we all woke up, we did a quick cleaning/vacuuming around the house so we didn't freak out Dad and Millie. They came down around 1130 for a quick visit. The girls had a blast. Moira is at one of her little girlfriend's house this afternoon. I am hoping that they keep her for dinner! Bad, ain't I? Heehee! ***UPDATE*** She was invited for dinner and was brought home around 730pm!