Beautiful Tuesday

Dear Mother Nature -

Thank you so much for the lovely weather today. I cannot believe it is 63 degrees!!  I've got the windows OPEN - fresh air in.. old stale air out!

Walked the dog.. and he has been playing outside all day, chasing those damn elusive Jersey squirrels. One day he will catch one... a very old and fat one .. but he'll get 'em.

Right now, it's time for his afternoon siesta

Everyone, meet Finn. Finn, meet the Internet.


I feel like a grown-up now

Paul and I have finally purchased our very own bedroom set. As in, no hand me downs (nothing wrong with that at all). It was a large expense but something we needed. We have had OPF (other people's furniture) for years and things have finally crapped out/fallen apart. Our bedframe broke (get your minds out of the gutter people) when one of our teenage daughters dove onto it, thus collapsing one of the sides, unable to be repaired.

I am waiting for the delivery truck now.

I am just nervous about the amount of the purchase. For some folks, not too much money but we've got a college bound student (woot!) and well, times are pretty tight right now since I am unemployed. The majority of my time is spent doing the three C's - cleaning, cooking, and chauffeuring. I'm busy with a lot of volunteer work but that's not helping to pay the bills. Luckily, eBay and a couple cleaning gigs have been available.

How funny - I've always thought I've been suited for this:

But, I've got this instead:

Well, at least I will be a cleaning diva!


Buncos, Boards, and Benedict - Oh My!

Had all my rowdy girlfriends over on Friday night for Buncos. So much fun!

My favorite part of Buncos is making food. Since the ladies were coming to my home, it gave me the opportunity to make yummy foods that no one really like to eat here. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

::Pssst - look me up on Pinterest::

Pinterest is my absolute favorite website. Where else can I find delicious recipes, housetold tips, fashion and jewelry galore, AND hot guys - all neatly categorized in one place???


I have a ton of boards on Pinterest, broken up into neat little categories like:

Amazing Appetizers
Heavenly Drinks
Everything Harry Potter
Everything Doctor Who
Kate Snark (my personal favorite!)

But, the most popular one lately?

Everything Benedict

"But why?" - do you ask

Here's why...

::BOOM:: Benedict Cumberbatch - meet everyone. Everyone, fall immediately in love with Benedict.

You're most welcome.

Do you know if you google "Benedict Cumberbatch", it comes back with roughly 92,000,000 results? ::rowr::

As you can easily see, Pinterest allows me to, well, sort of wander through different boards, like shopping at the mall. The mall with really hot guys...

WHICH leads me to another favorite board: Sweet Dreams - go on and browse. I'll wait...

You're welcome!

Yeah yeah... I know..

It's been forever..

Christmas, New Years, the Olympics.. blah blah..

Back on track.

MUST read - my lovely friend Liz from This Full House has a very touching post up about providing breakfast to kids in need. Do you know that 1 in 5 kids go to school hungry?

Completely unacceptable.

Watch her video (and grab some dang tissues) and then watch the video with the Team USA athletes.

::smooches:: Love ya Liz!