From Susan - hints and tips from the Trading Spaces gang. Thanks Susan! ::smile::
I have been watching Trading Spaces and laughing my ass off. The last home owner, upon opening his eyes, said "Oh Sh*t", followed up with "Where is the God Damn ceiling fan?" Geez buddy, you just got your entire room redecorated for free and you have the balls to bitch about a crappy fan? Putz.
So tired.. long day Went food shopping and stopped back at Home Depot for more flowers and dirt. Paul put up my new mailbox (pics to follow later), trimmed some dead tree branches and rotated our stockade fence (per Township code regulations - the previous owner put the fence up backwards - on purpose). I planted the rest of my flowers and did a bunch of laundry. BBQ'ed some chicken and made pasta salad... I might post more later.. depends if I fall asleep or not ::grin::