Where the hell are all these flies coming from? I have a crapload of them in my house! I think Paul killed about 8-10 of the little bastards. UGH - I HATE 'em!
Oh man.. they found that poor little 5 year old girl who was missing in California. I can't wait until they catch that bastard. Sick freak.
It is hot today. Bleech.
Hmmmph! Looks like one bottle I purchased is a Wheaton figural bottle. I am trying to figure out when they were produced. I guess I won't be making my millions on Antique Roadshow today!
Back from Wal-Mart. Don't get me started about the damn senior citizens! But, I did find a nice desk lamp for my bedroom for about $20. I didn't see any quilts that I liked though. It's going to be hard, looking for one that I like. We also stopped at the old/new shop and I found a couple neat looking bottles. One is an old glass AVON mouthwash bottle, with the original top. The bottom of the bottle says AVON Breath Fresh Mouthwash. Use full strength in the morning, after meals, before social engagements. ::grin:: I'll have to see what I could sell it for on eBay!
Good morning campers! Had a great day yesterday... I rounded up the kidlets around 4pm and brought them back into the house so I could get dinner started. After dinner, I got to go food shopping by myself! ::happy dance:: I managed to spend about $122 on basics.. like ketchup, paper towels, produce, etc.. Paul took the kidlets into the pool while I was out and managed to get them all tired out. After they were in bed, Paul was playing with our scanner and trying to capture some images he had on paper. Our scanner is pretty outdated - especially by current standards. Just 600x1200 and I *think* 30 bit color. I saw an article about some of the new Epson scanners being released :::drool::: I want one! Especially this one. Well - Christmas is coming.... Paul had made an appointment for Tru-Green (lawn service) to come and give us an estimate. Our lawn is pathetic. . I had just gotten up and was walking into my living room when I heard my screen door open. Scared the crap out of me - I thought someone was breaking in my house! Turns out it was Dom. He got here at 810am ::yawn:: Heck, we were still sleeping when he arrived. We didn't have to be home (or awake! LOL!) when he arrived so he wrote up the estimate. Pretty reasonable - and we need to do SOMETHING. Our lawn is begging for help!