I had such an awful night last night.. I didn't want to post about it. I still don't because it would probably make my life a living hell. But, let me just say this: My inlaws were down yesterday afternoon and stayed for dinner. A rather heated discussion about food allergies took place. I was (and still am) furious. I felt like I was being attacked about the decisions (and possible future ones) that Paul and I have BOTH made regarding Olivia and her health. I believe I handled it well. The "discussion" ended with my mother in law waving her arms about and stating that "she didn't want to discuss this anymore. It makes her too upset". Ya know what lady.. FUCK you. How dare you come into MY house and tell me that I am "too" involved in the allergy information. What the hell does that mean? That I am a fucking nut? She argued with me about Olivia's allergy tests scores. ARGUED with me! "Well, she's never HAD anaphylaxis. How do you KNOW she is anaphylatic?" Uhh - well maybe because her DOCTOR thinks so. Hell - I have WATCHED Olivia get huge hives from milk just touching her skin. Does that seem "normal" to you? Her own son can DIE from eating peanuts and she just dismisses it like it's no big deal. There was more. Some zips like "So, when are you going back to work?" and "What are you going to do when Olivia's in school?". I can't get into any more of it.... I have to get ready for church.