Isn't he cute?

I just had a fun chat with Shelley and her hubby Scott. They are 2 wild and crazy teachers! Hope you have fun out tonight!
Good evening! I *just* turned the computer on a few minutes ago. Super busy day. Last night we took the girls to see the Easter Bunny.. Oh my gosh, it was so cute. I will post the pic soon. We stopped at Burger King for dinner and wandered around the mall for a while. Stopped at B.Daltons and bought the girls some books. Of course, they weren't very cooperative so Paul and I just got books for them, nothing for us ::sniffle:: The girls were so excited to see such a HUGE moon last night! Gosh, it was gorgeous! I kept waiting to see ET and Elliot fly in front of it ::heehee:: Today, around 11am, I took the girls out for a walk/bike ride. Paul had the day off and was working in our bathroom, patching the wall. Moira was riding her bike and Olivia was running after her. Up and back.. up and back. Nick, one of the kids on the block, came out to play with Moira. So, the 2 of them were riding their bikes up and back. It was so cute. I brought Olivia back home around 1245 and Paul took her out back to play on the swings. I walked back up and chatted with the other Mommies on the block. Came BACK home around 130 and made lunch for the 3 of us. Moira stayed at Nick's house. Olivia was SO pooped that she went right in for her nap after lunch. That's when Paul and I got a LOT of yard work done. It was such a nice day and we really put it to good use. Needless to say, we are pooped too! Paul got Moira around 445 and we ate dinner early. The kids got the meds, a quick bath and I put on "The Emperor's New Groove" and made popcorn. They were actually QUIET and mellow. Moira kep yawning! LOL! They were both in bed by 820pm! Woohoo! Tomorrow we will be eating an early Easter dinner at my inlaws place. We will be there most of the day. I still have to make chocolates to bring over. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!