I took the IQ test I found linked on Erin's site. Looks like my IQ went down as well. I believe I tested at 147. Now, according to this test, I am 135. From the email I received: "Our test gives you a quick and fast measurement of your abilities, and that can indicate directions for you to take. Average: 85 - 115 Above average: 116 - 125 Gifted Borderline Genius: 126 - 135 Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 136 - 145 Genius: 146 - 165 High Genius: 166 - 180 Highest Genius: 181 - 200 Beyond being measurable Genius: Over 200 It's the girls' fault. I now have Mommy brain ::sigh:: Hopefully, when I am 70, I will still be able to feed myself!
I visited Mom tonight. She had me do a bunch of little projects that she can't quite do so easily. Climbing up on a stool to fix some wallpaper, move stuff around. I organized and color coordinated her sweaters. She has about 60 sweaters (now neatly organized) in her new storage boxes for the top of her closet. I helped her carry some stuff down to her basement. She has a great workshop set up down there for ALL her stuff. You name a craft - she has the supplies. It's like a mini craft store! It's nice to be able to hang out with her and talk. It's so hard to do when the girls are around. We chat about all kinds of stuff, usually making ourselves cry. I am really hoping and praying this course of chemo really kicks the shit out of the lymphoma. She wants to take us all to Disney World for Christmas. When I say all of us, I mean the 4 of us, my brother, Dan (her boyfriend) and herself. Talk about a huge expense! I am of 2 minds - I really want to go. But - always a but - the girls are SO young. It would probably be a little difficult with Olivia, given the age and the food allergy issue, but I know it can be managed. Paul doesn't want to go - being stubborn. He wants to spend Christmas at home, says that the girls should spend it at home because of Santa. Whatever ::eyeroll:: I told him to take it up with my Mom. Olivia has been breaking out in hives quite a bit lately. All on the backs and sides of her legs. Poor munchkin. I think it's the cat that is the root of most of her problems. Darla is about 12 yrs old and is ... well... fiesty. No one in our extended family likes her. She yowls and hisses. Attacks feet at random. Especially WHITE feet - like bare, covered in socks or white sneakers. She is fixed and declawed. Because she is such a maniac, I am pretty damn sure no one would want to adopt her if I brought her to the animal shelter. In a nutshell - unadoptable. Someone would be electing a pope with her. Kitty Cremation. I don't want to KILL my cat. I don't want Olivia to suffer.