YAY! Erin got herself a coooool new car! You go girl!
I saw on Rachel's blog that she was on a mission to find a particular lip color. I have found 1 that I really liked by Avon and it was discontinued.. I can't find it anywhere! Any good places online? I did the eBay and Yahoo search and came up with nada.
Ahh - finished feeding the beasties.. kind of reminds me of feeding time at the zoo. Don't get me wrong, the kids have great manners. But, no matter how hard they try, rice is hard for them to eat. My floor?? Don't even ask.... ugh!
Oh - also forgot to add.. I purchased my book for the next class. The bookstore price was 39.99! So - I found it online at Discount-PC Books and the cost (including delivery) is $17.94! Woooohooo!
This whole story about Edward Lutes is a mess... I don't know whether to feel sorry for the bastard or not. There are several articles about this incident: Cop's bitter feud led to 5 murders, suicide
'It was like Vietnam,' wounded chief says from his hospital bed
Victims, killer once friends
Fiancee's death, other ordeals took their toll
It was a peaceful neighborhood . . . until 2 bursts of gunfire
Don't you just LOVE online banking? I do - I can cross reference all the ATMs and track my spending.... oy..
UGH! Woke up late (CRAP). I will be driving Moira to school again. I also need to find VERY large safety pins for a craft for Daisies. WalMart doesn't have any. Any ideas?