Well - we are leaving in a couple minutes.. Olivia and I are off to Freehold Mall. Wheee! Shopping! I'll update later! Tata!
Good morning.. Moira will be spending the weekend at my sis in law's place. YAY! Paul and I have so much work to finish up around here. I will be driving Moira to Paul's office. This way it will save him the commute ride back home to get Moira and THEN head out to PA. Olivia and I will be going to the mall after this. I have to exchange some things from our last mall trip. Then, I am going to take her to McD's! She loves the happy meal toys. We might stop to see my Mom, if she's up to it. She had an endoscopy done on Tuesday.. the following is from Mom's email: "Was down in the workshop - Minding my own business, mind you - when Dr. G***, the GI Doc, called...He advised that the location of the ulcer he found is very rare (in keeping with my uniqueness, I guess) & he had heard back from the pathologist today regarding the biopsy of it he took yesterday...The path guy said the sample is odd, & too hard (as in the nature of the sample) to determine with that sample whether or not it is benign or malignant...He said the location makes it 1,000 times more risky than if it were located anywhere else...Thus, Guss wants to do it again in 4 weeks & take another sample...In the meantime, he said the ulcer may be caused by all the celebrex & now vioxx I've taken for the knee pain & I was to stop it immediately, along with any aspirin-containing stuff that could irritate the ulcer...He advised that it could easily become a bleeding ulcer & that if that occurred he would have to give me that drug that reverses the coumadin - in the hospital - which would probably cause another blood clot...He did suggest another new pain med on the market that might work better for the knee & at least not risk the other problems, but I need to discuss it further with M****,(cancer dr) with whom I've an appointment in the morning...I asked if this meant we would cancel Friday & he said - HA HA - no, it was even more imperative now to check the "other end"... I just got off the phone with my Mom.. she's already home from her colonoscopy. No polyps! She's feeling a little.. uhh... sore... right now. Poor Mommy.