Didn't get too much done today. Gee, I can't imagine why not! ::grin:: Very lazy day today. Our friends, who were supposed to come up from PA for a BBQ today, cancelled last night. Their youngest son fractured his foot! Poor kid. I have a ton of food left over... we'll be eating hot dogs for a couple days. ::burp:: So, we did a bunch of errands. Had to return sneakers to KMart. A few days ago, I had bought Paul a pair of sneakers. Upon closer inspection at home, we discovered they were, in fact, 2 different sneakers! Both sneakers were all white. They looked *almost* identical. So, they got returned. Then, we walked over to get a particular battery from Radio Shack for our doorbell. Of course, the battery didn't work and Paul got so annoyed at the doorbell that he threw the whole thing in the garbage. Cranky cranky! Next stop, Walmart. ALWAYS fun to visit on a Sunday. Ack. Picked up some motor oil and an air filter for the Santa Fe and Saturn. We headed over to Payless to check out sneakers for Moira. She didn't like any of them ::eyeroll:: Paul is off for the next couple of days. This was supposed to be our trip to Baltimore ::sigh:: it fell through. Damn. I hate that. But, we are taking the kids to StoryBookLand in Egg Harbor Township instead! The kids will freak! It's really a lot of fun for the younger kids (to about 8-9 yrs old) No crazy rides like Six Flags. Just strictly kid stuff. Plus, I can pack a cooler and we can eat in the picnic area! YAY! I am going to try to do some laundry. This place is a mess. I missed Sex and the City tonight ::grrr:: so NO ONE tell me what happened! I do know that the new Trading Spaces season starts next week. YIPPIE! Oh, and don't forget about the college campus shows. Looks like Doug is wearing leather pants in that episode too. I should tape it! I can't believe Doug is such a cutie! Sometimes, he can be SUCH a bastard to the team working with him.
ew.. my head hurts
Did anyone watch Trading Spaces tonight? Doug looked absolutely delicious in leather pants!
My quilt and shams arrived today! YAY!