Can anyone recommend a good FTP program? I am going to be dumping AOL (finally cutting the AOL umbilical cord) ::sob:: and I need to transfer all of my images, etc...
Conversation between Paul and Moira the other day M: "Dad?" P: "Yes?" M: "Do you hold your penis when you go to the bathroom?" P: "Yes, I do." M: "Oh" ::pause:: "Ok.. I was just curious." I was hiding in the bedroom, giggling as quietly as I could. The best part, Paul never skipped a beat and just answered the question.
I just mowed the back yard, hung laundry, skimmed soem of the scary creatures out of my pool and dumped chemicals in it. I am pooped!
Did I also mention that is is 77 degrees, clear and cool. LOVE it!! Gotta go hang some laundry now - BYE!
The second day of school went smoothly. I hope the bus ride home is better than yesterday. Olivia and I had to stop at WalMart to pick up some particular school supplies for Moira. I am curious why she would need 3 dry erase markers. Of course, they had to be black. So - of course they are not sold in 3 packs or all black either. ::sigh:: I have 4 other colors that I don't need or want. She also needed a protractor and a compass. God help me when she gets to 4th or 5th grade.. she will probably need a frickin' laptop.