I am getting attacked by a freakin FLY! It's DIVE bombing me! Ack!
Oh - we had a great time at the mall today. Moira got a bunch of clothes from Old Navy, JC Penney and the Disney Store (who are having a 50% off sale on kids clothes). She picked out some pretty nice stuff although I drew the line at fleece pants with the word "Angel" across the ass! Yes - they were for 5-7 year olds.. nice, huh? She just liked the pants. I freaked out (inwardly) and said to her,"Well, your Dad would freak out if we brought home pants with words across your butt!" The funny part, she agreed! By the time we left the mall, the traffic and weather were SO awful, we ended up going to my Mom's house and eating dinner there. She wasn't home. Dan, her partner, was getting his pacemaker put in today. He's doing great. My Mom came home around 715pm and was happy to see us. I think she needed to just have the kids around her, just all silliness and goofiness. They really make her so happy too. ::smile::
WAY to go Zannie and Allan! Little Packet is here - all 7lbs and 20.5 inches of him. ::sniffle:: I love babies! My other girlfriend had HER baby tonight! Little Haley! It's stormin' babies!
Did you guys hear about Sharon Osbourne? Oh man.. so sad. No one should EVER have to suffer from cancer.
Hmm - 2 kids, cloudy rainy day and no TV ( I won't turn it on - Moira is so mad! LOL!). I am thinking ROAD TRIP! Freehold Mall.. here we come!