Has anyone seen the Sears commercial with the guy who walks into his kitchen, opens the fridge and pulls out the carton of milk? He sneaks a quick glance at his wife, who has her back to him while reading the paper at the kitchen table, then quickly chugs the milk. A moment later, he spews out a mouthful of milk and leans over the kitchen sink, gagging. His wife, who hasn't turned around at all, calmly states "Oh, by the way, the refrigerator is broken." The man responds by gagging again, still leaning over the sink. Heehee.
Damn - 78 on the quiz.. crap. There goes my average. I will kick ass on the final to make up for it. I got killed on the bianary translation ::sigh:: and a couple definitions too. I got out of class early and stopped at Toys R Us to pick up stuff for Moira's birthday (July 8th). I found such cool stuff for her! She has been wanting Matchbox cars so I got her some of those plus a carrying case for them. I saw Pixter, which is like a PDA that you can draw with, write stories, play games, etc. I had to get that and a carry case. Of course, there are also several plug in cartridges for it (ranging from $10-$20 dollars each). I also got Perfection, new reels for her Viewmaster, a new LeapPad book with cartridge, a lava lamp, a loom set (for making a potholder), and a couple books. While in line, Tim called. Mom is doing much better. She is still on oxygen and the steroids but has also been using a nebulizer, which seems to be helping. I am going up to see her tomorrow. Thank you all SO much for your kind emails and comments! :::::smooches:::::
Blogging from class. I just finished a quiz. I got stuck on a couple terms like FQDN. I don't remember that one from class. I am sure I would have written that one down. Crap. But - my quiz average is about 85%. Not bad. Could be better but I am not uphappy. My Mom is still in the hospital. Tim is with her now. I don't know what other medications she is on right now. I spoke to her earlier and she sounded a little better. Her doctors are thinking she might be coming home by this weekend. YAY! I have posted some flyers around my town, hoping to get some responses from other people who have food allergies. I want to set up some kind of support group so people can get accurate information regarding food allergies. I don't really want it to be a pity party type of group - more like a network of information. I think this will become my new mission. Yes - it does seem like I am really going all out. Yes - I have some family members who just don't get it and think that Paul and I are just being "overprotective" and we are "overreacting" to Olivia's allergies. Sure, yeah.. ok. How's about you drink some arsenic and see how that affects you. I don't want to POISON my child. PEANUTS, EGGS, MILK, FISH =POISON to Olivia's immune system. So yeah - call me anal. I am quite concerned about this. It *is* life threatening to my child. I *will* do everything in my power to make sure she gets a fair shot and is not just catagorized as "special needs" (which is a HUGE fear of mine). Personally, I think she is an extremely bright child. She can say her ABC's, counts to 25, knows her name (first and last) and can spell them, knows her address, phone number and knows that milk and peanuts can make her sick. Ok ok.. so I am bragging a bit ::grin:: It's my blog.. I can brag! And Moira, well, again, brilliant! Counts to 100 (by way of 1's, 5's and 10's), can read on a 2nd grade level, writes very well, loves science and worms, and changes all the levels on her computer games to the highest settings. She's a goofball! LOL! Well - looks like break time is over.. will try to blog more later!
Happy 1 year (and 1 day) blog day (bloggerversary?)to Rich!
Ok ok - I will join in with everyone else (link via Colin) Kate is: Kate is the proverbial ''one woman Rockband '', once seen, never forgotten. Kate is continuing to work steadily on a new album Kate is the oppressively heavy, rust-encrusted anchor to which that airship is cruelly tethered Kate is what's called a transsexual person Kate Is Awarded a Position With the Cathedral of St. AugustineKensington School for the Blind Kate is also featured on SSP Records CD Christmases to Come Kate is looking to pass the ball while Azzi is guarding her Kate is also a truly striking woman, and one of the most beautiful women on the planet Kate is a founding partner of Gregory Consulting Limited Kate is a multi document editor Kate is all manufactured in rural America with great attention to detail Kate is on Fire Kate is listed as guest for "The Real Deal" convention Kate is finally born!!! Kate is reportedly (April 26) in early negotiations to star with Johnny Depp in Never Land Kate is your source for the renaissance clothing and accessories (garb) you need to enhance your experience Kate is a UK Web Woman Kate is a woman of strength with a great deal of integrity and her music reflects her conviction. She's also a babe. Kate is interested in the area of Usability Engineering (UE) Kate is the rock of the Division Kate Is Great Kate is now working on her own original novel Kate is her helpful alter-ego Hmmm - I like about 1/2 of these!
K.A.T.E.: Kinetic Android Trained for Exploration Kinetic Android Trained for Exploration link via Jason
Just set up a playdate for Moira on Monday. Another lil stinker added to the house for a few hours! At least they can go in the pool. Speaking of pools, the solar cover is WONDERFUL. The pool must have been 90 degrees. Just like a bath. Ahhhhhhhhh!
I contacted this morning by a producer from 48 Hours regarding an upcoming show about severe food allergies. It will probably be airing sometime in September. I don't know if we will be on it or not. She asked me a lot of questions, including asking about our decision to homeschool Olivia due to the severity of her allergies. I know of one family who has already been chosen. I think it will be a most informative show and you can damn well bet I will be taping it!
I DID get a reply from the email I sent to the editor other day. Here it is: Thank you for your feedback. The author's comment relating to food allergies was inappropriate. Her comment was not intended to be malicious but was instead included because of her real concern for those with food allergies. Instead of suggesting the exclusion of those with food allergies, the column could have suggested parents make note of the ingredients in the potluck item they contribute in case those with food allergies need that information. Recognizing that food allergies are a great concern to many, we'd like to write an article on the subject. If contacted, would you be willing to be a source for the article? Sincerely, Todd P*** WOO! Go me! Go me!
Good-bye Google Challenge. You will be missed ::sniffle::
WHY am I still awake?? ACK!