Well, I lucked out. The power stayed on for the rest of the day today. Hooray! I threw the steaks on the grill tonight and also cooked up corn and mashed potatoes. Moira got back home in a totally grouchy mood. Nothing like 2 grouchy kids. They got the worlds fastest bath and book. VOOM in to bed. I haven't heard a peep out of them. YAY! Well, off to do some more Girl Scout paperwork. I need coffee.
The power shut off again for about 30 minutes. I have now filled up the bathtub with water and filled 2 pitchers. I also cranked my central air down pretty low. This way, if the power goes off again, I can stay cool AND use the bathroom. Gee - maybe I should build an outhouse in the back yard... ::grin::
I'm hooooome! OY! I cleaned out the fridge - had to toss out the deli. Yes, the deli. My $30 per week Boars Head that I have to buy due to Olivia's allergies deli. Dammit. I also had to get rid of the milk, the ground beef I had defrosting from yesterday and some leftovers. Luckily, the meat in the freezer stayed frozen. Thank you God! I dropped Moira off at her buddy's house and she won't be home until 7. YAY! Olivia is half asleep on a pile of blankets on the floor, watching Sesame Street. I have some a lot of laundry to run plus I have to clean some things up. Paul vacuumed last night (thank you honey! ::smooch::). I have a TON of emails to read, blogs to catch up on as well as cooking steaks tonight (YUM). Sure as hell beats McDonalds ::gag:: Anyone want some tomatoes?
ACK! Dial-up stinks. Yes, I am still at my Mom's place. ::yawn:: I am SO tired. The girls didn't fall asleep until midnight. My Mom has a futon so they slept in that and I slept on the floor, on a couple comforters. By 6am, I had to go to the bathroom so I tried to be as quiet as possible. Of course, the bedroom door SQUEAKS horribly so the girls were awake when I came back into the bedroom. Damn! I folded up the futon because the girls wanted to lay on the blankets on the floor. Okie doke. I turned on the TV and the girls just lay there, mesmerized. So I fell back asleep on the futon. Woohoo! Moira tiptoed out around 8 and Olivia and I slept until almost 10. I won't be doing this again (if possible) ever again. Moira was ok but Olivia was just out of her mind. She's never really slept anywhere else before.