::sigh:: Olivia got hold of some stamp pads and a paintbrush. The palm and 3 fingers of her left hand are bright pink. It's also on both legs, in assorted spots. Oh, yeah.. and my freakin couch too! Good thing I have slipcovers! I couldn't get the ink off her fingers so I don't know if it will come off my slipcover.
Wow - thanks for all the nice comments about my "new face". :::warm fuzzies::
(link snagged from Amy) This is so funny. Make sure your speakers are on.
Only a total of 10 minutes. Not bad for a Monday. The girls and I are going to BJ's Warehouse Club for much needed supplies. Shampoo, conditioner, paper towels, you know.. the essentials!
Let's see just HOW long NJ Blue Cross Blue Shield keeps me on hold.. so far.. 5 minutes..