Paul got home around 1030 tonight. He and his Dad ended up having pizza and chatting for a little while. Must be nice! The girls and I want to KMart and picked up a couple things. I found a nice deal on Martha Stewart sheets so I snagged 2 sets. YAY! I ordered my new quilt, bed pillow and shams. The quilt is on backorder (shit!) but should be coming soon! PLEASE PLEASE don't sell out! I decided on this one.
Arrrggghhh! I *need* my archives! Where the hell are they? Why can't I reference them?? ::rant over::
I finally sent off a cd that I burned for my girlfriend. It had pictures of her wedding. From February.
Go check out Danielle! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
My gorgeous girls
I love the fact that people are doing the smell association with fellow bloggers. Very cool! The 3 that mentioned me (Joan, Rich and Erin) were pretty much on the money. Thanks guys, you are all DA BOMB! :::smooches::: I managed to get a few errands done today. I stopped at Bruno's, with Olivia, to pick up our weekly deli order. As we walk in, music by Frank Sinatra is playing over the sound system, "Luck be a Lady". Olivia immediately starts clapping and dancing. It was adorable. I also grabbed a loaf of fresh Italian bread.. ohhh... it was so good! We also stopped at the little roadside stand and picked up some more fresh corn, peaches and apples. Paul will be stopping at his parents place tonight to help his Dad hook up to the well. His Dad called last night to ask if Paul was able to "Come over and play" on Thursday. Too funny. Of course, it was fine with me. My only condition was that they feed Paul dinner! The girls and I will go do something after dinner tonight. Well - off to tinker with my blog and then I suppose I should take care of the kidlets! Look for some new pictures coming very soon.
NEW YORK - Former Tyco International chief executive Dennis Kozlowski used millions in company money to indulge his lavish tastes — including a $6,000 shower curtain (a gold-and-burgundy, floral-patterned shower curtain) — and few of the transactions were reported to shareholders, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Now, will someone please enlighten me and tell me where the FUCK can one purchase a $6,000 shower curtain? Is it lined with mink? Crusted with diamonds? Corporate bastard.