Bahahahaha! Paul found this at one of his boards!
WOW. Check this out!
My Steelers :::sob:::
I also had another startling thought - I have a wedding next week (Saturday 2/2) in Massachusetts. I will be leaving Friday afternoon, around 1pm. I decided I will be driving up the NY State Thruway (towards Albany) and then cutting over to the MA turnpike (I-90), then picking up I-91. Kind of the long way around but I think the fastest. I hate taking I-95. By the time I get to Conn., it will be 5pm on a Friday night. I don't THINK so! PLUS - I will be driving home on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Arrrggghhhh!! SHIT! = : - O Oh well, I will be hauling my ass home on Sunday. Should have plenty of time to make it back home by kickoff. Pregame sucks anyway. Well - gotta go verify my reservations for hotel and car. Anyone wanna come up with me? LOL!
I had the weirdest dream last night - kinda freaked me out. I think I am going to post about it.. maybe tomorrow.
Go STEELERS! :::please win:::please win::::