Hey Joan! It was nice chatting with you.. hope we can do it again soon!
We got back around 130pm. I spent the afternoon at Dick's and BJ's. As in Dick's Sporting Goods and BJ's Wholesale Club. I found cleats and socks for Moira and managed to get out of there by spending only $34.47. I really wanted the damn WalMart cleats for $9.99 ::sigh:: I spent a lot of money at BJ's - we had no meat left! I hate spending all that money at the supermarket when I can get it at the wholesale club for much cheaper. Well - gotta go be productive... chat later!
Off to go shopping. Wish me luck that I find some cleats! Yesterday, I asked Moira what she wanted for dinner tonight. I told her she could pick a special dinner before the first day of school. Spaghetti and sausage was her request. I cooked the sausage last night and now it's simmering in the crockpot. All I will do is make some garlic bread and a nice tossed salad. Yum!