Trading Spaces! Woohoo!
Taking a break right now. Paul and I have done a lot of work today. My brackets are all primed and painted. So are my shelves. I have some priming and painting to do in the bedroom. We are going to do that tonight. We just finished a fine quality meal of Sabrett hot dogs and tater tots. At least I had some broccoli out to even out the meal. The girls are sniffly today, poor kids. Olivia started wheezing so she is getting a nebulizer treatment. Ahh - nothing like an albuterol high! Wheeeee! She's outside now with an ice pop. She's like a freakin junkie with those damn ice pops. I think I have a ganglion cyst in my left wrist. It husts. Of course, now I have been bumping it constantly. I suppose I should get to the doctor and get it checked out. I'll update more later.. time for some coffee!
I an watching Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet right now. Mary, a *really* old croc (over 100 years old) died. Here's an excerpt from Discovery.com: "And Steve suffers a huge emotional loss when Australia Zoo's matriarch crocodile, Mary, suddenly dies." Steve is bawling. He actually said he loved Mary like he loved Terry, his wife. Okayyyy... right.