Finally caught X-Men on HBO tonight. WOW! Very cool movie. When the movie was going to be released, I had never even HEARD of X-Men. I sat through it and enjoyed it very very much. I am ashamed to say that I think Hugh Jackman is cute but Patrick Stewart is THE man! Oh, that sexy "I can make grown women swoon!" type of VOICE! I could just melt and die.... although not melt and die as gross as Senator Kelly from X-Men. Talk about your poor bastard!
I completely forgot to mention that I signed Olivia up for one of those Gymboree-type classes. I can't wait! The first one is Tuesday. I wonder if I can take pictures...
We are all heading to Malvern, PA this weekend to visit my sis in law. Should be a good time. I am looking forward to Auntie Barbara playing (and distracting) the girls for a while!
Wooooooooo! I have comments baby! Yeeeehawwwwwww!
Well - nothing like a quick morning jog to wake yourself up. We were running a tad late this morning so we jumped in the car to drive to the busstop (at the end of the street). As I am halfway down the street, I see the bus pulling away from the stop! YIKES! So, I zip around the corner and chase the bus for a couple blocks. When the bus finally stops to pick up a child, I tell Moira to jump out. I throw on the emergency brake, hit the flashers, grab her backpack, and we ran to the busstop. Moira's bus driver is really cool - a no nonsense type of woman, maybe in her late 30's or early 40's. She waited for us. I gave Moira a hug and kiss and she jumped on the bus and Zoom! Off to school! Poor Olivia was in the car, just sitting there, looking perplexed. ::grin:: We get back home and she finished her bagel and is now watching Blues Clues on tape since my CRAPPY cable is out again! GRRRRR! Comcast SUCKS! We will be heading out shopping in a little while. I have to get a birthday gift for my nephew (14 yrs olds) and he's into the aggressive skating look. But, he had also requested accessories for his digital camcorder and hockey equipment. SO, he's getting a sweatshirt and a hat or cash. Not too sure just yet! Plus, I have to go find an outfit for a wedding I will be going to on February 2, in Massachusetts. I even get to go ALONE! Wooooohooooo! Paul will be home watching the girls. I will drive up Friday, around 4-5 ish and hopefully get there by 10-ish. The wedding is Saturday at 1pm. What fun - going solo tto a wedding. I will know the bride and maybe 5 other people ::sigh:: Leaving on Sunday and driving back home. At least I get a couple nights alone - peace and quiet!