Allison! Please email me.. I have a question for you. : - )
Take care Quinn! ::smooches:: Don't stay away too long. What other place could I get naughty links AND dish the dirt about Tony Soprano?
Moira's last day of the reading program is today. Then, later this afternoon, one of her buddies is coming over (the same one from Saturday's BBQ) to go swimming. I really like her Mom - we hang out and chat. It's a nice time. On the downside, I think I am catching the summer cold that is going around. My throat is scratchy today and my nose is sniffly. Great. I have to make a doctor's appointment - still need to have my wrist checked out. I bumped the (ganglion) cyst the other day and I thought I was going to either vomit from the pain or pass out. It hurt that much. Geez - I am falling apart!
::yawn:: Off to bed. Wow - I am exciting tonight.
Happy belated birthday to Marc! Go on, leave him a birthday message in his comments! : - )