I will be attending a meeting tonight for all of my church's Sunday School teachers. It's at 7pm tonight. So - Moira gets to miss soccer tonight. She hates it. Well, maybe not hates it, she has a great time ONCE she is there. Getting her prepped and there is another story. Moira hates to be rushed. In fact, the more she is hurried along, the slower she becomes. Grr! You can imagine how much fun the mornings can be in this house. Olivia is getting sick. Yay - I love school - the hotbed of diseases. I hope it's just a cold. I know she is getting sick when she falls asleep on me. She gets all cranky so I usually pick her up and cuddle her. She conked right out for about 45 minutes. Thank goodness the meeting tonight is an hour. This way, I get to hustle back home and help Paul tuck the munchkins into bed. He's stuck with bath duty tonight. Lucky him! Chat atcha later! OH - Shelley! My Mom sends a BIG "Thank You!" for giving me the link to the hat website. She bought a few and LOVES them!
Stephen King quits It's been a great run man...
A big Happy Birthday to Jennifer - a hard working Mom! Go give her some birthday comments!
I let Moira sleep in an extra half hour this morning so I have to drive her into school. She was all upset about not taking the bus ::sigh:: Some days ya just can't win! BUT - I did say she could wear her pink Hello Kitty boots so she got over her crabby ass mood quickly. Turns out we have another little girl in our troop - she was supposed to transfer out due to schedule conflicts. Turns out she is staying with the troop. Now - we are up to 16 girls! ARRGGHH!