Does anyone have a script for creating a search box for a blog? Oh - and it has to be free too. I can't seem to find one.
Howdy hi gang! The usual weekend goings ons around here. My Dad and Step-Mom came down for a quick visit. Thsi girls immediately hijacked my stepmom and dragged her off to play in Moira's room :::grin:: She sits and plays all kids of games with them. They love it! They stayed for about an hour. It's so nice that they come down as much as they do - makes me wish we lived a little closer... Moira and I had to go to a birthday party for my friend's son. He turned 2 today. It was a very nice time - I hope he likes what I bought him - Duplos and Play-Doh ::hehehe:: Every kid should have Play-Doh. Lots and lots of it! I had set up dinner earlier this morning so all I had to do was heat up rice and steam the broccoli. Yummy. Olivia scarfed it all down and Moira picked at it. She doesn't like stew beef, pot roast. She says it tickles her throat - she has this thing against chewy meat. The funy part was that the meat tonight was sooo tender.. it just fell apart when you tried to use the fork tines to pick it up! Goofy kid. Trading Spaces is on! I am already watching the episodes again. I sorta like Doug's kitchen.. Vern's room was very nice too. I liked the colors he used, blue and sand. And that living room table with the sandbox? What the hell is that? I hope those homeowners don't have cats! P-U! The second show with Hilde and Gen - ew ew ew. Both rooms were pretty scary. Those homeowners - UGH! Wanted to slap them both! WAY WAY annoying!