Rachel has started a StateSwap group. I love doing things like this. Great idea Rachel!
Rosie O'Donnell will be on The O'Reilly Factor tonight. Heehee! Go get her Bill!
I have been busy organizing papers for all of my "girls" (Brownies), including printing out copies of the Girl Scout promise and law. I have a ton of stuff here!
Geez - my stats are down big time! I guess I am getting boring - LOL!
After Moira got off the bus, we had to zoom home and get her dressed in her soccer gear and hustle her over to the soccer fields. When she had her pictures taken a couple weeks ago, it was 730pm by the time they were taken! It was DARK! Needless to say, her pictures didn't turn out. The photographers called me last week to reschedule. That was pretty decent of them. Paul had the day off today. He had to drive his parents so they could get some medical procedures done. My sis in law (who was in the hospital) was supposed to take them. My sis in law is home now. She had her gall bladder removed. Ick.
Olivia and I are eating the last of my home grown tomatoes. Delicious!