By the way - I had a total of 22 votes! WOW - that many people READ my blog?? You guys ROCK! Thanks go out to everyone who participated!
Ok - results are in! The votes have been tallied up and :::drumroll please:::: Button #1 is the winner! Woohoo! I will edit my template and add this.
Dinner tonight - Arroz Con Pollo (yummy). I wonder how many WW points that will be?? Yes guys, I have been motivated by Erin and Mike. I am blogging and cooking. Moira is making bead necklaces - she has a zillion beads. But - she's happy and QUIET! Olivia is napping. I am also stressing... about this weekend. I will be planning meals for them.. and I will only be gone Friday - Sunday! Paul is capable of feeding the children. He is a very smart man! I have been doing laundry nonstop. I am having visions of coming back home to 50 pounds of laundry! I made plans to see my friend (from previous post) on Monday. Do I tell her what I think about Brinks Boy or do I keep my mouth shut? If she asks - I HAVE to tell her. If I don't, I'll go crazy! LOL!
WOW! 70 degress at 1pm today by my place. ** 70 ** degrees - in January. My friend reported to me yesterday that California has SNOW! What the hell is going on?!?!
Good morning all - I was at my Mom's place last night so I didn't get a chance to write.. Mom has decided that we (she and I) should learn how to crochet. My Nana could make some gorgeous baby blankets. I never learned how to do it from her ::heavy sigh:: We are learning from one of Mom's neighbors, Gail, who is a pretty nice lady. A former school teacher. Mom was pretty tired tonight. It's a chemo week.. then she has 2 weeks off. After that, it's her final treatment. Once she is completely finished, she will have to have her meniscus tear fixed. My mother in law got my Mom a name of a pretty good doctor at Monmouth Medical Center. Mom's last orthopedist completely dismissed some small dark spots shown on her knee Xrays. They are now malignant tumors. I *wish my Mom had gotten another opinion.. but she totally trusted this guy ::sigh:: Anyway.... she will getting an appointment to have the meniscus taken care of as well as getting the dye test done to check how the cancer responded to the chemo. Prayers would be helpful... A frined of mine had moved to Florida shortly after high school. Married, worked, etc.. the usual. She divorced (thank God - what an ass he was... and still is) and moved back up to Bricktown. We have been catching up on old times and have hung out a few times. I was chatting with her when I was driving up to my Mom's place. (Yes, on my CELL phone! I do have an ear piece that I use while driving - I look like I am talking to myself) She has met someone who apparently knew ME (HUH?) and where I used to live and who I was dating at the time (::screaming:: let's not go THERE! I have sucessfully blocked out a LOT of that pathetic time of my life). Needless to say, I was a TAD curious. She was meeting him at the bowling alley last night. I hate the bowling alley.... it smells, it's gross, and, frankly speaking, wearing rented shoes is just so fucking disgusting. Personally, I don't consider it a sport. Drinking beer and throwing a 10lb ball down some waxed floor at pins is not a sport. Anyhooo.. the bowling alley is about 10 minutes from my Mom's house. I made tentative plans to meet up with her and "Jeff" later on in the evening. Around 10pm, I called her on her cell.. He was done bowling (she was there watching. That's even worse) and they were in the bar. Lovely. So, I met them there. ::sigh:: He looks just like I pictured him. We (me and Jeff) had a few things/people in common. But, ya know, there was SOMETHING about him that just creeped me out. Nevermind the fact that he bowls or installs security systems (Hey, a job is a job, right? At least he has one) I just have a weird feeling about him. Maybe it was the fact he remembers this stuff that happened from over 13 years ago..or where I used to live. That *really disturbed me. He said he used to work for Lucent. "Oh," says I. "What did you do?" Him:"You name it and I did it." Me: ::thinking:: HUH? What the frig was that? Gee buddy - I guess you were the frickin CEO, right? What I really said: "Really? You weren't like the janitor or something, right? Cuz THEY worked for Lucent too. Or, the cafeteria guy either, right?" He then spews forth all this "stuff" he did for Lucent - sounded somewhat believable.. technician, running wires, digital video/data, etc...BUT - I still think this guy is full of crap. If he was/is that brilliant, why the HELL is he working for Brinks Security?