Mom has pneumonia. Tim will be taking a 1/2 day tomorrow so he can go to the hospital. ***UPDATE*** Heard from Tim - Mom is on steriods for the swelling in her lungs and is still on antibiotics.
I snagged this link (the $20.00 bill theory) from Jason. Either way, it's awfully interesting.
I didn't lay down... but I got 2 loads of laundry done. And the dishes. Off to conquer the bathroom!
Hi! I am so tired. I don't think I can handle nights like this for much longer. I got home by 1015am. Chatted with Paul for a few minutes before he left for work. Olivia work up with a temperature of 103.1 - Motrin time. Poor kid. I am pretty sure we got my Mom sick, again. I feel so guilty about this - dammit. The kids are stuck with me today and I am so sleepy. I don't want to do anything. If I manage to perk up, I might take them in the pool. I did talk to Mom and she is ok. Still feeling crappy and most likely in the hospital for a couple days. I am starting to babble.. I gotta go lay down..
::yawn:: Yes.. I am blogging at 336am. I just got back from the hospital. My Mom has been feeling sick the past few days (coughing, fever today). Her doctor wanted her to go to the ER tonight. She calls me at 545-ish to tell me she this. By 9pm, Dan, her companion, had gone home. So, I drove up and stayed with her in the ER until 240am, when a bed was finally available. She has xrays done - nothing visible. On her CAT scan, it showed 2 masses in her left lung. There is a possibility of pneumonia. Her fever is up and down. I will know more tomorrow. After she was taken up to the room, I left the ER and headed back to Mom's place so I could pack her bag (toiletries, etc). I spoke to Paul and we decided that I would just sleep at Mom's tonight.. er.. this morning and come home LATER this morning. I am off to bed.. g'night.. I will update later..