Coool! Hunter has a blog! Go on and give him a nice blogger welcome. : - )
Happy Belated Birthday Andrea! You must have been loving The Sopranos this week. It was Silvio heaven!
Gotta love those Sopranos... another great episode. Poor Bobby. I was in tears. Had a good day today. Paul and I managed to get a lot of yard work done, including pruning back quite a few tree branches. The township is gonna freak when they see all the crap down at the street! HA! Paul got called into work for a couple hours.. that sucked but he made it back home before the girls went to bed. Olivia is feeling better but now Paul is sick. Arrggghh! My sis in law (the one who just had a baby) is back in the hospital. It was thought there were some gall bladder problems but turns out it could be liver related. Jesus - can anyone in my family catch a freakin break? Well - I am off to bed! I am pooped!