ABILENE, Texas — A woman snatched a month-old baby from a van in a store parking lot Tuesday and drove away as the child's horrified mother held on desperately to the getaway vehicle. The mother was dragged more than 30 feet as the car sped away. She was later treated for cuts and bruises, police Sgt. Kim Vickers said. The abduction occurred about 4:30 p.m. at a Super Wal-Mart. The mother, whom police did not identify, had just placed her three children, including a 2- and a 6-year-old, into the family's van and was returning a shopping cart to a storage area about 10 feet away. She then saw her infant girl taken from the van and placed into a car. "The woman started screaming and trying to get the lady to stop," Vickers said. "The mom got there in time to grab onto the car and was drug about 30 to 40 feet." I can't even begin to comment.. my head is spinning..
Thank God.. oh thank God she is safe
Happy Birthday Allison!
Joan aka Da Goddess kindly answered my questions about the Cocodile Hunter. When and where did you meet the Irwins? I met the Irwins back on May 20, 1999. I was badgering the producer of a morning radio show about getting me in and he got me in! What were they like? Bindi was only 9 months old at the time. Sweet baby! Steve and Terri are just 100% real. Tell me about the fan club. I found the JeffMajor.com site that had a report of Steve's demise......wrote to Jeff and told him that was untrue....because I'd just met the Irwins and he put my letter up on the site. People started writing me. One lady had a Yahoo club. I joined. Then, I started my own. Fluke.....mine has more members. Actually, mine is the largest on the Net. I think the fact that I met them and that I really stand behind their message of conservation has helped propel the group forward When did your group start fundraising? When Steve's mom died, our group raised money ($400+) to donate to her Trust. I have a plaque hanging on the wall in my house now. Also, while this was going on, I was introduced to Pat, who runs Wildlife Protection Association of Australia. Tell me about WPAA and Pat. Pat's group was sponsored by the Irwins. Pat and I got to be friends and exchanged a lot of ideas on what we could do if our club joined up in his efforts. Unfortunately, just after that, his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Somehow or another, Pat and I became very close. I was one of the only people he could confide in during the ordeal. He's a class act all the way. He would clean, feed, comfort his wife throughout her last months. He stayed by her side. Only I knew how bad it was. Sometimes, we'd exchange emails 20 times a day. In the end, he held her as she died. He's the most loving person I've ever come to know. I am sorry to hear about the death of Pat's wife. What happened after that? Following his wife's death, Pat sold his farm. The Irwins used the money from the merchandising and such to support, 100%, WPAA. They offered Pat a house at the zoo. That's where he now lives. I have a standing invite to stay with him. Pat has sponsored a kangaroo for the kids, sent presents....and we've sent him a million and one things as well. What about the events leading up to the movie release?(click here for the official site) So, the Croc Hunter movie release was approaching. A reporter joined my group. Asked a couple of questions. I emailed her back and next thing you know, I'd loaned her almost my entire collection of Croc Hunter stuff. Magazines, articles, photos, videos......you name it. Spenser, your son, is really into the Irwins. What did he give the reporter? My son also handed her a little stuffed croc for Bindi with a note asking her to marry him. (He gave up being Steve just before he turned 5.) Did the Irwins remember you? When the reporter met with Steve and Terri to interview them for the movie, they remembered my group and the donation. Then, they were FLOORED by Spenser's proposal. Our story ended up in the local paper and I'm sure we'll be getting a package from the Irwins sometime soon. Is that all? That's it. Weird stuff, eh?
Decided to run up to the mall (again!) tonight. The kids wanted McNasty's for dinner. Paul and the girls grabbed a table and I stood in line to order. While I was waiting to place my order, I was lucky enough to stand behind a young couple. The girl couldn't have been older than 15 but was dressed like most young girls - midriff baring shirt, hip hugger jeans and on her feet were weird looking platform sandals, complete with toe ring. Her suitor was approximately 5'10-6' tall, 17 years old and dressed in loose fitting jeans and a T-shirt. They looked like they could have stepped out of an American Eagle advertisement. The young girl resembled Sarah Michelle Gellar - blonde hair, pointy chin and nose and she REALLY looked like she needed to eat something. I was watching her constantly touch her date by either hugging him, rubbing him or leaning on him. Her constant need to touch him was pretty disturbing pathetic. At times, she would lean into him and he would respond by putting his hands on her ASS! WTF is THAT?? Thank God the kids were with Paul at the table. This was something I didn't want to explain yet. The most disturbing part - they KNEW I was standing right behind them. Like *I* want to watch her ASS get rubbed! Geez - we are standing in line at a food court, not taping Real (Underage) Sex! (Boy - Google will have a field day with that) I was almost hyperventilating I was so angry. I think I will work on building up my girls' self worth a LOT more. God help anyone who touches their ass. Paul and the girls went for a ride on the carousel while I returned (more) stuff to Old Navy. They met me in the store and I let Moira pick out a shirt for school. Out of a selection of at least 10 rugby shirts, she actually picked the very one I disliked (the colors were ugly) the most. ::sigh:: Oh well, she has to wear it. I asked her several times (in desperation) if she was sure she liked it. "I LOVE it Mom. It has my favorite colors!" Ack! Well, at least I can control all her other clothes. No pants that have images or words written on the ass. No backless shirts. No halter tops. No SHORT shorts or mini skirts. It makes me SO sick to see clothes for such little girls that are just not appropriate. There were plenty of examples in the mall tonight. Lordy I must be getting old. I can't take this. We didn't leave the mall until almost 9pm. The ride home was fun. The girls were playing some kind of game and were making each other crack up. I mean, they were laughing so hard they were snorting! LOL! They demanded to hear Bare Naked Ladies and we all sang along to "1,000,000" and "Pinch Me" and a few other songs on the cd. They finally got to bed by 1045pm. Oy - what a night.