YAY! I am going to meet Dara on 7/24 at IKEA. What could be more fun than an evening of good friends, dining together and shopping? Not too much more!
WOO! We just signed up for digital Internet with Comcast! Hooray! I'll be connected by tomorrow!
I HATE AOL! Arrrgghh!
I need to get a stinkin' cable modem. It's taking me forever to shop! Arrgghhh!
While Moira is in VBS, we will be heading to the Depot to check out paint samples. I think I am painting my living room red!
YAY! My knobs are on the way! They should be delivered tomorrow!
Finally, a chance to sit down and write. Moira loved all her stuff, especially the Pixter ::grin:: I will probably pick up some of the game cartridges off eBay. (*SPEAKING of eBay, have you guys heard that eBay is buying PayPal? Hmmm.. what a way to corner the market!) Mom and Dan came down to visit yesterday. Mom went swimming with the girls. They had a blast! Moira also has Vacation Bible School this week. 6pm-8pm. She loves it. Gee - life is good! The pastor of the church was looking for people to help with the website (as I had posted earlier this week, the church site is a mess). I tinkered with it, just set up some basics (links, etc) and sent it to him. He really liked it. So, I will be helping with that too. He is pretty fluent in database work (Access and Visual Basic) and can write his own ASP pages! I am impressed!