Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Class dismissed early! This guy is COOL! Well, cool for a programmer ::giggle::
The instructor for my Basic Networking class looks at least 5 years younger than me. I'm 31.
New class starts tonight. I finally got my book ($39.99). This class runs from 6pm-9pm for 12 sessions. I am sure I will blog later!
WASHINGTON — A human skull and other bones were found Wednesday morning near the Klingle Mansion in Rock Creek Park, and investigators have told Fox News there is a strong possibility that they are the remains of missing intern. How sad.. but if that is her, I supposed there is SOME closure for her family. Do you think the worst thing would be NOT knowing what happened to your child?
It's the target of several consumer advocacy groups for its latest merchandising strategy -- selling thong underwear with sexually charged phrases for children. The skimpy undies have the words "eye candy'' and "wink wink'' printed on the front. Nice - real nice. Remind me to NEVER shop at Abercrombie & Fitch. I don't like Moira wearing a belly shirt and she is 5. The thought of a young child in thong underwear is just repulsive. Who the hell in A&F's corporation thinks that this was a good idea? Freakin perverts.
Olivia and I are going to visit my Dad tomorrow. I am sure he is going stir crazy being at home.
Moira is home today - complaining of sore throat, sniffly nose, etc.. Olivia has been a bit sniffly too. So, I kept Moira home today. Right now, the 2 girls are playing with a boxload (a BIG boxload) of Barbies and a dollhouse. It's actually cute to watch. I am playing a Sinatra CD and the kids are bobbing their heads, keeping to the beat. I still have to go to Border's Books and try to find my textbook for class. Oy - nothing like the last minute, eh?