VERY good Sopranos episode tonight. The news about Gloria was pretty freaky.. and poor Artie. But, jeez, who the hell didn't smell that comin' a mile away? I love when Furio showed up at Jean-whatshisface's place ::hehehe:: He looked mighty tasty! ; - )
Dinner tonight was yummy. Chicken Cacciatore. Click for the recipe.
Oh - I forgot to write about what I said to Paul on Friday night when he came into bed. Actually, it was 230 in the morning, technically Saturday. He had stayed up watching Contact (Jodie Foster) and I just went to bed. As he tells me: When he came in the room, he got changed, turned the lights off and got into bed. Apparently, I sat straight up and asked him "Where's the soap?".He said my eyes were open and I seemed wide awake. He said he just said "What soap?" Again, I asked him "Where's the soap?". At one point, I was hitting my pillow, while asking "Where's the soap?!". He finally said "I don't have the soap! I don't know where it is!" According to Paul, I was pretty frustrated and I flopped back down and fell right back asleep. He told me this yesterday morning, laughing really hard. I don't remember any of it.