I just *love* Trading Spaces! Paul loves Amy Wynn.
Ahhh! A chance to sit down for a few minutes and have a drink ::getting comfortable:: One of my sis in laws was supposed to come over for a visit but she had to cancel at the last minutes. The kids were a bit disappointed but they managed to get over it. Paul and I were working in the bedroom, hanging a desk top (it folds down) and painting. Work called.. he has to go in. Now. Crap. So, while he was gone, I was repacking the kids clothes, storing them in Rubbermaid totes, to be put back up in the attic. Let me tell you, the girls have a LOT of clothes. I got rid of a lot of the smaller stuff but there are some that I just can't bear to part with. Olivia will be one well dressed little girl. Moira's clothes are in pretty good shape so I store them in the attic until Olivia can fit into them. I also cleaned out their closets (LOTS of clothes) and dressers. While up in the attic, I found some boxes of books. Titles like Little Women, my Riverdance program and book, a book about Disney villans, some Star Trek trivia books (in good shape too - maybe ebay?) and a bunch of others. I have to pick through them... in my spare time of course ::grin:: Well - time to get the pasta going - spaghetti for dinner tonight! Yummy!