We met up with the architect at 530. Let me go on the record and say that this man was odd looking (sorry Goddess) He looked like he didn't get out much - very pale. He was quite tall and thin. An image of a praying mantis came right to mind. Very thin, delicate hands. He was certainly a man of few words. While sitting in his office, I felt like I was going to be sent to detention. Very surreal. He is good though - I have seen his work. It's excellent. Paul also felt awkward even though he did most of the talking. My father in law stayed for dinner and the girls had such a good time. I think he did too. He stayed until 9pm. He helped tuck the girls in bed and got smothered in hugs and kisses. It was sweet. ::smile:: Well - I am off to finish sewing patches and badges on Moira's Brownie vest. First meeting tomorrow!
I am so excited about the meeting with the architect! I have taken pictures of the house and I am burning them on a cd to bring with us. Last night, Paul and I measured some of the rooms. He also sketched out some of the ideas we have. He is great at doing stuff like that.
Did all my food shopping and was home by 10am. ACK! Kill me! LOL! My father in law is coming down to watch the girls for an hour while Paul and I meet with an architect. We want to build an addition on our house while the interest rates are low. This way, we can at least sit with the guy and see what we can afford to do and what we WANT to do - which could be pretty different! Well - off to clean and get dinner set up! Ta!