From Television Without Pity: The Sopranos - last season. "Cut back to the Pine Barrens, with Paulie answering his cell phone once again. Tony explains that he's going to talk fast, and relates that Drunk Guy once killed sixteen Chechens with his bare hands. He was some sort of Russian "Green Beret" commando with the Interior Ministry (read: KGB, or FSB, or whatever they're calling it these days). Tony is emphatic: "This guy cannot come back to tell his story, okay?" That much Paulie did hear. The connection gets broken, and just like in every game of telephone you ever played as a child, the story gets a little twisted when Paulie passes it along to Christopher. "You’re not going to believe this. The guy killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator." Chris is more than a little confused by this, saying, "His house looked like shit." This was my favorite episode. I laughed SO freakin hard. I watched it every time it was aired on HBO that week.
Mom's chemo was postponed until tomorrow morning. Her appointment was too late in the day - treatment can take at least 4 hours. We had a great night. The girls got all silly at the table tonight and were just laughing hysterically.. God - I love listening to their laughter.
She liked the nuggets! YAY! Thank you Lord! Thank you Weaver!
Olivia and I had a great day today. Just lots of fun and tickling! We also accepted another girl in our troop. We are now officially at 17 girls. NO MORE! Anyway - I am so excited that I found chicken nuggets for Olivia to eat! YAY!
::sigh:: All you people need to stop having birthdays! LOL! Happy belated birthday to Allan! ::Smooch::
I'm here! I'm here! Sorry for the 1 day absence! Yesterday was just SO Monday. I had to bake a pie for Bonkos, bake bread, clean the house, run laundry and I still had to run out to pick up more stuff for Bonkos. I forgot drinks and cups! DUH. I had to bring Olivia with me to Bonkos because Paul had taken Moira to soccer. He stopped by later to pick her up. Both girls wanted to stay and play! It was fun hosting the game (at Tracy's house) but I am glad I won't have to do this again for a year! I did have fun shopping for the prizes. Candles, picture frames, cute little pillows, fall decorations... a good time was had by all. AND - my pie was demolished! None left over at all. I am going to have another cup of coffe and surf for a little while longer. I need to catch up on ya'll!