Forgive me Blogger for I have sinned...Almost 2 days of not blogging... Holy Crap! Oh geez - where do I begin? Friday night - Stayed up too late watching Tango and Cash. God - I love that movie! Stallone and Russell - great combination.. and Jack Palance as the drug czar, well, he just rocks!!! So - I didn't get to bed until 1-130am. Paul stayed up and watched the rest of the movie. He didn't come in to bed until 2-230. Olivia woke up, coughing and wheezing around 4am. He got back up and took care of her nebulizer and tucked her back in bed. Saturday - I woke up around 8-ish. The girls were also awake. I fed them breakfast and started packing for our jaunt into Hoboken. I sent the girls in a couple times to wake Paul. He was pooped! We got all packed and hit the road by 1015am. The ride in was smooth sailing.. no problems at all. We took the NJ Turnpike to 14C - heading to the Holland Tunnel. Paul and I finally saw the NYC skyline. We've seen pictures of it since 9/11 but this was the first time we viewed it ourselves. I cried - I couldn't help it. We finally got to my sis in law's place around 1230pm. I love her neighborhood. I have never been to Hoboken. Full of yuppie-ish type people (kids) and everyone had a phone stuck to their ear ::grin:: We decided to head into Manhattan by bus. I don't do subways. Period. ::shiver:: While waiting for the bus, we listened to a couple guys plaing music. One was playing the acoustic guitar and the other was playing the mandolin. Olivia was fascinated with them.The kids LOVED the bus ride in. No car seats. Olivia was so excited she practically bouncing up and down! The ride was only 20 minutes long - piece of cake. We got dropped off at the Port Authority around 330pm and we headed off to 42nd street to check out the Toys R Us mega store. On our way there, we saw some awesome street dancers - just unbelieveably good. Moira gave them a dollar - she was pretty impressed. We walked by The Naked Cowboy. I have never seen this guy. Moira was giggling since he was standing in his underwear.
One very confident man!
We finally make it to Toys R Us. Holy crap! It is freakin' humongous! I found this write up online: With more than 110,000 square feet to play with, the store has added truly amazing stuff, from a 10,000-pound, 20 foot-tall, animatronic T Rex that looms over shoppers, to a two-story Barbie playhouse, to (gasp) a working 60-foot high Ferris Wheel with 14 individually themed cars. Each of the 14 cars features a well-known toy icon so riders can take in the sights of the 3-level toy store with one of their favorite characters or toys riding with them! More than 20 other major attractions are in the works as well. When Moira and I walked in to the Barbie playhouse, Moira cried out "I just want to LIVE here forever Mommy!" LOL! Paul took a couple pictures of Moira and I, peeking out of the windows, when we were upstairs in the Barbie playhouse. By this time, it was almost 5pm. We decided to head back to Hoboken since we had to feed the kidlets. Finally get back around 6pm. Sis in law and I head BACK out to go to the market to get stuff for dinner. She lives near the waterfront so we walked over for a quick view of the city. Fabulous. I was stunned at the beauty of the city. I know that seems so cliche but it's true. We also watched a cruise ship sail down the waterway. It was the Golden Princess and boy did I wish to be there on that ship!

We hung out there for a little while then headed over to the market to get some food. My sis in law works like a maniac so her fridge was stocked with the basics.. VERY basics. Ketchup, mustard, salad dressing... basically, condiments! We cooked burgers and fries and made a salad. We all stuffed ourselves - all that walking certainly does good for ones appetite! We finally got home by 1030. The kids had passed out 1/2 way home - exhausted. We just carried them into bed. After we unloaded the rest of the car, we finally sat down just in time to watch Trading Spaces. I managed to get through the first episode with Doug and Frank. I didn't like either room.. Frank's room was just awful - the worst I have ever seen him do. I decided that I was going to watch the 2nd episode in the bedroom. Big mistake. I passed out before Vern and Edward even got started on the paint! I wanted to see the rooms too! Paul fell asleep in the living room too. He woke up around 230am, turned everything off and came into the bedroom to find me zonked out with lights on and TV going. ::grin:: Mom came down today for a visit and lunch and I have to say that I was pretty damn nervous about seeing her with no hair. See, my Mom used to have waist length hair. Yes, it was a long time ago but I will always remember Mom, wearing her hair up in a knot or with a bandana covering her hair when she cleaned the house on the weekend. It was shoulder length for over 10 years and now she is bald. I did good - I caught a look before she came inside. She was wearing a soft cap to keep her head covered. Moira was all execited about Mom being bald. Goofy kid. After she left, we did stuff around the house. I took the kids up front to ride their bikes. It was gorgeous today! Sunny and cool. After dinner - the kids played and I folded a ton of laundry ::ick:: Kids got a bath, book and hustled into bed. We watched the Sopranos - wooooohoo! Are things heating up over there or WHAT!!?! WHEW! I am exhausted! All this writing! I am gonna check out a few blog and then hit the rack!