The Brownie meeting went well yesterday. We now have 15 girls, between the ages of 6 and 7. They made friendship bracelets during the meeting, 1 to keep and 1 to exchange. One of the girls in the troop is Moira's buddy. She's known her for a couple years now and they get along great. Her mom asked if Moira could spend the night - of course I said YES! Olivia and I had a somewhat quiet night. I was exhausted after the meeting. We had leftovers for dinner and watched Monsters Inc again. PAul was at my Mom's place, helping her out with things that needed to be completed. He also worked on her computer as she was having problems with her browser. He got home last night in time to watch 48 Hours. I wish they spent more time on the food allergy issues but I am not disappointed with the way it was presented. I am so proud of Adrienne (the Mom of Drew, the 3 yr old). Only people who are in this type of situation really understand just how much work it can be for 1 person. I know food allergies have completely changed the way we (family) do anything. I cannot assume that we can just catch a bite to eat anywhere. It takes me 20-30 minutes to prepare what I might need when we go to the mall. I bought a large cooler and we eat a LOT of sandwiches. Car Picnics. The kids love it. It makes my life so much easier! Anyway - I digress... After Olivia went to bed, Paul and I watched the out takes and special features for Monsters. I love the short film "For the Birds" and "Mike's New Car". The outtakes weren't that great. I liked the ones from Toy Story 2 MUCH better. We woke up early today, got cleaned up, ran some laundry and then hit the road. We had to buy some winterizer stuff for the pool. We also stopped at Target and picked up a Fisher Price trike for Olivia. She has one already but she since she is so petite, she can't really reach the pedals. The new trike seems to be a better fit for her. We managed to pick up Moira by 1230 and then it was back home to eat lunch, get her cleaned up and BACK out to a birthday party by 2pm. I am exhausted! Paul is passed out on the couch. Well -Olivia is looking for a snack - will catch up later!