Well - it looks like YACCS is down.. again. If anyone has a comment, I have a guestbook! Post it there.
My girls from the Brownie Troop sold 597 cans of nuts! That is awesome for a 1st year Brownie troop! It averages to about 35 cans per girl For that, we (the troop) will receive over $300!! We will have to figure out what we want to do with that money. Maybe a really cool trip to a show or circus... So - just remember.. cookies will be available in January.. I am sure some of you lovely people would like to purchase some cookies. Heck - I have a paypal account! I'll mail 'em out to you Priority Mail.
Finally getting a chance to sit down and post. I know Blogger was being a pest earlier this afternoon. Things are looking ok now ::knocking wood:: Moira got off to school with the usual bruhaha. After that, Olivia and I did a few errands, sent some money for an auction and we just hung around the house. I took her outside for a little while and she was thrilled. She has been coughing for several days and running around this afternoon didn't seem to help the cough. But, I could tell she was so sick of being cooped up in the house. She got about 30 minutes of just running and screaming. It was pretty funny to watch her just freak out. We met the school bus and came back home. I got dinner ready and then we hung around watching an old Trading Spaces episode with Gen and Hilde from season 1. Moira had a Country Line Dance tonight and she wanted Paul to be her partner (Awwwww!). It's another Girl Scout event. I get to stay home!! YAY!! Olivia is zoned out on Blues Clues tape and munching on an ice pop. Life is good. Tomorrow, the girls and I are going shopping. I have to get some more pants for Moira. She has 4 pairs of jeans but nothing dressier. I want to get her a couple pairs of chinos and a pair of black dress pants. She can't always wear a dress to Sunday School - it's getting pretty damn cold outside! I am trying to make a big deal about having a "Girls Day Out". Plus - they get McD's for lunch! I think that's the only reason that Moira and Olivia are excited about shopping! LOL! I want to get to Kids R Us. I hear they carry some nice things. It's also near the mall so if I can't find anything at Kids, I'll head over to JC Penney's. Paul and I have been catching up on some DVD's - Changing Lanes was awesome. Great happy ending. Bandits - wow.. I liked the ending. I thought it was a bit predictable but I really liked it a lot. I think I have a huge crush on Billy Bob! He looked so adorable! Bruce Willis, just hubba hubba!!! Tonight, it's Lord of the Rings! Woohoo! Gotta go clean up - will write more later....maybe!