The season finale of Sex and the City was great. I *love* Carrie's new guy. He's adorable.. AND... The Sopranos is going to be coming back on Sunday! YAY!!! HBO heaven!
I forgot to mention that Olivia's Medic Alert bracelet arrived yesterday. It's SO tiny! The chain is only 5" long! But, we got all the necessary information on the tag. This will be the best $35 we have spent. Olivia loves her new pretty bracelet. I hope that sentiment continues for a while!! ::knocking wood::
I have a few minutes to jump on and say Hello! Paul painted the front door (again!) for the last time. Let me go officially on the record and say that Behr paint SUCKS ASS! Our front door took 5 coats before it looked anywhere decent.Next time, we will be sticking to Sherwin Williams or Glidden. Paul joked that if we slam our front door hard enough, the pain might fall off and smash on our front step! ::grin:: I'll blog more later as my children are behaving like they are re-enacting "Lord of the Flies" ::sigh::